The Great Witch Hunt

Witches: have scoffed at Witch Trials and Satanic Panics of the past
Antifa Witches: Casting Spells to Hurt President Trump (and others)
Antifa Witches: “BURN IT ALL DOWN”
President Trump: “WITCH HUNT!”
(He wasn’t talking about the investigation into himself.)
Coming [Soon]: Witches on Trial [?]

Witchcraft: The definition that seems closest to the one that the accusers in the Salem Witch Trials used is what they deem the Gothic Satanist. The Gothic Satanist is a worshiper of Satan who, during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, was believed to use black magic to harm others, by involving the aid of Satan and his demons.

Witches and Satanists have teamed up with leftists to destroy America
Satanists and witches were invoking evil powers to aid those participating in the violence.
hashtag #witchesforblm serves a meeting place for practicing witches who want to learn how to cast protection spells, draw occult sigils, and hex police. Five days after the hashtag started, it garnered 10 million views on the TikTok app.
June 20, 2020

Barr made it clear Thursday that there was a “[WITCHES’] brew” of extremists with varying ideologies, including [ANARCHISTS] and those seeking to incite a civil war.
June 4, 2020

Dec 10, 2019


Witches Are About To Cast A ‘Binding Spell’ On President Trump
October 21, 2019 [11]:[13] AM ET
TIMESTAMP NOTED. DailyCaller casting spells too?

Occult Witches Plan To Cast Halloween Spell On Trump For Third Straight Year
The spell is crafted “to bind Donald Trump and all those who abet him,” and is supposed to be performed during every waning crescent moon until Trump is removed from office.

The ritual calls for the use of an unflattering photo of Trump, a [TAROT] card, a stub of an orange candle, a pin, and a feather. Participants then call on the “heavenly hosts, demons of the infernal realms, and spirits of the ancestors” to bind Trump “so that his malignant works may fail utterly.”

Occult Witches Plan To Cast Halloween Spell On Trump For Third Straight Year

The Witches’ [INSURRECTION] Tarot: A tarot deck re-imagined from an [ANTIFAscist], anticivilization, pro-sex-worker, anarchist perspective

This is not a safe deck, it is a deck for the end of the world, a deck that shows both the brutality of destruction and the beauty of transformation. It’s a deck for outcasts, [ANARCHISTS], whores, [WITCHES], and queers.
Last updated October 9, 2019

“This is basically Antifa witches,” Dakota Bracciale said in an interview with Newsweek. “We’re coming for these people’s throats, and we will never stop, we will never be silenced…. There are a lot of angry people who are righteously filled with rage that are going to take back our country.”
Friday, 26 October 2018

No deals.
28 Aug 2018

W.I.T.C.H.pdx is an activist group from Portland whose mandate is starkly antifascist, anti-Trump and anti-oppressive.
Many activist witches believe that the magical work against Trump is a justifiable breach of the Rede
4 October 2017

As Trump supporters and antifa clash throughout the country, witches are turning their magical attention towards the new administration—and their spells are not all about love and light.
“I would say I have an army of demonic powers on my side to do what I want at all times.”
May 4 2017


Timeline on Clinton Uranium Crimes

September 6, 2005: In Kazakhstan Canadian mining financier Frank Giustra, attended by William Jefferson Clinton, met the Kazakh president. Days later, Giustra acquired stakes in three uranium mines controlled by the Kazakh state-run uranium agency. In return, Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan’s president, was supported by Clinton to head the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

This organization monitored international elections in support of democracy. One of its election watchers was one Joseph Mifsud.

As Nazarbayev was a corrupt dictator, the Bush policy was against his human rights record, something Clinton’s support worked against, though Hillary Clinton as senator later made noises of public criticism against Nazarbayev to cover their shady dealing. Though Kazakhstan did not meet the international election standards, Mifsud certified them as doing so.

Also in 2005, William Campbell, begins working with high Russian nuclear officials working in the U.S., and would later become an FBI informant when the FBI would be headed by Robert Mueller.

2007, just as Hillary Clinton had announced her run for president, Uranium One merged with a South African company in a $3.5 billion transaction. The enlarged Uranium One company gave Giustra a stake of about $45 million, after which he sold it.

April, 2007: Uranium One purchased a uranium mill in Utah and land for uranium exploration of over 38,000 acres in four Western states. Soon after, Uranium One purchased Energy Metals Corporation with uranium holdings in Wyoming. To this was added those in Texas and additional ones in Utah.

2009 – 2010: Skolkovo Innovation Center, a technology project akin to Silicon Valley, near Moscow, “unofficially” led by Vadislov Surkov, one of two Russian sources of the Steele Dossier, partnered with U.S. technology, ushered on by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. Donors to the Clinton Foundation, led on the Russian end by oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, and U.S. donors were involved. This center was nothing more than a way to make stealing technology easier on a larger scale, according to a report in 2012 by the U.S. Army after it was discovered their Hypersonic missile technology was stolen.

The Clintons and their foundation was involved with Surkov, whose pet project was Skolkovo. Relative to this project, in May of 2010, Clinton Foundation operatives were arranging Bill Clinton to meet with Vekselberg, and Bill Clinton would be receiving a $500,000 speaking fee in June, 2010.The Uranium One deal was being pitched at this time.It is clear the Clintons were using her office as Secretary to profit them.Furthermore, this Surkov was one of the Russian sources of Steele’s Dossier (via Dearlove and Halper).

2009: Rosatom, a Russian company began making overtures to Uranium One in Kazakhstan. Uranium One turned to the American and Canadian embassies there for help. American embassies were under the Secretary of State–Hillary Clinton. The FBI then began their investigation of Tenex, Rostam’s subsidiary, and Tenam, their U.S. company, but they would ultimately keep quiet to the real crimes.The Director of the FBI at that time was Robert Mueller. The investigation was led by then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, and U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein at Justice. The DOJ’s Fraud Section was then headed by Andrew Weissmann, the second of Mueller in the future collusion investigation against Trump. The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) was James Clapper.

William Campbell was the Confidential Source-1 (CS-1), the FBI contractor, who had reported his concerns in regard to the Russian company who had hired him as a lobbyist. Campbell began working undercover, and his involvement with the company enabled him to penetrate Putin’s inner circle.Evidence indicated Russian officials gave millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State and on the Committee on Foreign Investment of the United States (CFIUS) which reviewed sales of U.S. companies or assets relative to national security.The FBI attempted to get the head of Tenex and Tenam, Mikerin, to flip, but he resisted, and years later, Justice prosecuted him on lesser charges, keeping the worse crimes implicating the Clinton Foundation and the Obama administration, under wraps. The Obama administration officially issued a visa for Mikerin in 2010, but the FBI’s racketeering investigation revealed he had been operating in the U.S. since at least 2009. It was Mikerin who had hired Campbell as a D.C. lobbyist.

June, 2009: The Russian company official, Mikerin, was to be arrested in early summer. As a result, Uranium One’s stock dropped 40 percent. In the meantime, Russia cornered Uranium One into making a deal, and by mid June, Russia’s company acquired 17 percent stake in Uranium One for a bargain basement price. (See above link of NYT.)

2010: The Department of Justice (DOJ) did not present charges against the Russian executive, extending the investigation for several more years, giving the Obama administration the time to implement its strategy of softening its stance with Russia. In the meantime, Campbell, the undercover FBI informant, reported Russia was aiding Iran in building its nuclear capabilities, having heard the Russian executive having said, “the same kind of payment network” was being used to move funds between Russia and Iran as was used to launder kickbacks between Moscow and Americans (Clinton Foundation and who else?). Very disturbing! The Obama administration had a reason for both the “reset” with Russia, and the Iran Deal, working against the United States. This is not only criminal, but treasonous. No wonder, Obama spied on so many U.S. citizens and others. Campbell had reported all this, at first assuming the government was working the investigation, but nothing ever came of it, and he was gagged by Lynch at Justice. Furthermore, the Russians would later tell Campbell they had routed millions to an American lobbying firm in 2010 and 2011 for the Clinton Foundation global initiative while Uranium One was waiting approval when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

2010 and 2011: The U.S. firm APCO Worldwide received $3 million to lobby the U.S. government for Rosatom, Russia’s state-owned nuclear company, to increase its uranium sales in the U.S.Their lobbying efforts included more than 50 federal and congressional individuals on behalf of Rosatom’s subsidiary, Tenex, among whom were ten at the State Department.

June, 2010: Russia offered a deal with a 51 percent stake which would control Uranium One, but UA first had to get approval of the American government.The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States is the one authorized to give or deny such permission. The committee is often made up of Presidential cabinet members, including the Attorney General, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce and Energy, and the Secretary of Statein this case Hillary Clinton, with the potential of receiving millions into the Clinton Foundation from people connected with Uranium One who stood to make a killing with the Russian acquisition.Because this deal would give the Russian company a controlling stake in Uranium One,this concerned some in the House of Representatives, resulting in legislation seeking to deny the request. They sent a letter to Obama, saying this “would give the Russian government control over a sizable portion of America’s uranium production capacity,”adding it would also give a considerable stake in Kazakhstan mines. In the very same month Russia had made the 51 percent offer, Bill Clinton was invited to speak in Moscow for a $500,000 fee. (See NYT link.)–

August, 2010: The deal with Uranium One was submitted to the Committee for review.

October 22, 2010: The Uranium One deal was approved, gift wrapped by the Committee. Clinton, Secretary of State, had assigned another official from State to take her place on the committee,and Attorney General Eric Holder was also on the committee.

From 2012 on, during Obama’s second term: With the backdrop of the Uranium One deal, the Obama administration had been softening ties to Russia since its first term, provided Putin step down for a term so they could deal instead with Dmitri A. Medvedev. Overheard on March 26th, by an open mic, Obama promised Medvedev “more flexibility” in regard to missile defense. Also during this softening, Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine and Obama, not crossing the “red line”, handed Russia the baton for securing Syria’s chemical weapons.

2013: Russia acquired Uranium One. After this,the Podesta Group lobbied for Uranium One when the Clinton Foundation began receiving millions from U1. The Podesta Group, lobbying during Obama’s administration, did not register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act,the same thing for which Manafort (among other things) and Craig would later be charged.

Just before Labor Day, 2014: Mikerin refused to cooperate with the FBI, and he and others with him were finally indicted for extortion and racketeering stemming all the way to 2004,led by Rosenstein.However, the plea deal in the end did not address the core Uranium One investigation, but merely addressed a single count of money laundering with no right to appeal under the rules for less serious conspiracy, for which sentence is from 0 to 5 years. The crime was in reality not money laundering. Furthermore,none of the extortions in 2009 and 2010 were included in the plea deal, the years before the Committee of whom Clinton and Holder were a part, that approved the Uranium deal, avoiding bringing any further attention to those crimes. The trial was not held publicly and was timed with the approaching holiday so as to avoid questions as to why the Obama/Clinton government had delayed so long while this Russian company kept amassing U.S. Uranium and shipping it out of the country. Though it was claimed he was prevented from doing so by law, Mikerin did so through a third party via Canada, at least 25% of it, where he refined and shipped it.Sentencing was also set for a convenient timejust before Xmas, and he received 4 years.Mueller was head of FBI during the first years of the case and Comey at the end, Rosenstein of Justice the prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann the fraud prosecutor who had brought the plea deal, and Holder was head of Justicethe Usual Suspects.Campbell, who had signed a non-disclosure,was further handled by Loretta Lynch after taking Holder’s place.

April, 2015: Loretta Lynch finally approved for Attorney General. During her tenure, Congress sent a request for William Campbell, the Confidential Source-1 (CS-1) in the Uranium One investigation to answer questions. However, he was placed under a gag order by the Obama Justice Department headed by Loretta Lynch, preventing him from speaking about the Uranium One case.

December 15, 2015:Comey, ended the Uranium One probe upon the sentencing of the Russian official. The case had been presented by Rod Rosenstein.The Justice Department released this statement,

“a former Russian official residing in Maryland was sentenced today to 48 months in prison”

He was also fined $2.1 million.The indictment and the sentencing was kept secret from everyone else in government.

October, 2017: Protests arose in regard to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, demanding he resign due to his involvement in the Uranium One (no mention of the numerous other things). The Senate Judiciary Committee opened an investigation into Uranium One.

December, 2017: Former FBI undercover informant William Campbell was interviewed by FBI relative to their investigation as to whether donations to the Clintons Foundation were used to influence U.S. nuclear policy during the Obama administration. He was specifically asked about the Russians having told him they had routed millions of dollars to an American lobbying firm in 2010 and 2011 to help the Clinton Foundation when she was Secretary of State when the Uranium One deal was pending approval.

Throughout the Obama Administration, the DOJ failed to fully investigate serious concerns surrounding former President Clinton, then-Secretary of State Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation’s connection to Russian company Uranium One, which received Department of State approval to purchase U.S. uranium mines in 2010. Throughout Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, a family foundation controlled by the Chairman of Uranium One made $2,350,000 in contributions to the Clinton Foundation which were not publicly disclosed in violation of an agreement Secretary Clinton had with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors.

The confidential informant who had worked with the FBI to uncover bribery and other corruption related to the Uranium One matter was threatened with reprisal by the Justice Department under Attorney General Lynch when he tried to come forward in 2016.

November, 2018: 16 FBI agents raided the home of former FBI contractor Dennis Nathan Cain, a federally protected whistleblower claiming he had documentary evidence the FBI and DOJ failed to investigate possible criminal activity relative to the Clinton Foundation and the Russian takeover of Uranium One.

April 8, 2019: Sen. Grassley released a statement:

“I’ve been pushing for years for more answers about this [the Uranium One] transaction that allowed the Russian government to acquire U.S. uranium assets. I’ve received classified and unclassified briefings about it from multiple agencies. And I’ve identified some FBI intelligence reports that may shed more light on the transaction. … If the Democrats want to be consistent, they’ll have to treat the Clinton, Uranium One, and Russia-related investigations the same [as the Mueller report]. Anything less than that reeks of political gamesmanship and sets a clear double standard.”


Who Is QAnonymous

Welcome to the Global War

You are now entering the mind of Patriots worldwide, and to our fight we welcome you. Since late 2017, Q Clearance Patriot, more commonly known as Q, has tasked us with compiling events and evidence of the world-changing circumstances that have, and have yet to transpire.

We are anonymous; We are your friends, your family, your co-workers, and strangers alike. Just like you, we knew there was something wrong with the world around us. Like you, we had a desire for our world to achieve peace. And like you, we found ourselves here in the forefront of information warfare. We stand for truth. Will you join the fight? Will you brave the depths of the unknown with bravery and courage?

Know that the corruption that you are about to unravel is not the fault of any one person. The pervasive systems of evil being unveiled and dismantled here have pitted us against one another since before your birth. Be strong, stand together, and stay united. We are with you. Together we are unstoppable! United we are invincible!

Show no fear, as now is the time for We The People to make our final stand in this battle between good and evil! Love shall prevail!

May your thoughts be clear, your wits be sharp, and your heart be strong. For in this digital age, the mind is the battlefield, and it can be your strongest ally or the greatest enemy.

For those new to 8kun (Newfags)

We are happy you joined us. However, you need to be aware you are entering a Free Speech board. 99.95% of the internet is tailored to high-civility and/or mainstream speak. The chans are the ONE public forum where uncensored participation is allowed with no barriers to entry. You must understand how precious that is. If you don’t, please reflect that Q most certainly does, and that WE made this board what it is. This can make you feel disoriented, because you are probably coming off internet areas where censorship is the jackboot rule of the day, but the reverse is true here. Illegal content and spam is the only exception, and will be removed by a Board Moderator or Global Moderator.

We know it can be tough. There is no one lurking behind the scenes to decide for you what you should see and shouldn’t see. It is up to YOU to decide for yourself and look or not look. You will be expected to use your own brain and filter those things you don’t wish to see, by not looking at them. Its a very adult concept, but no one is here to make you happy. You do not have a right not to be offended. You do not have a right to be ‘comfortable’. Everyone has a guaranteed right to Freedom of Speech. ‘Inappropriate’, ‘offensive,’ and ‘problematic’ are words that do not exist here. YOU are responsible for what YOU look at and how YOU feel about it; NO ONE ELSE IS. You can choose to look or not look, read or not read. If you do read something you don’t like, then remove it from behind your eyeballs yourself and move on. It is your fault if you allow a thing you don’t like to sit in your head and take root and make you feel offended. We do not care if you are offended. We don’t want to hear about it. Do not tell us if you are offended.

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“We came here for a reason” -Q

Only marxist nonsense has convinced you that it’s okay to enter someone else’s space and immediately start demanding they rearrange the furniture to suit you. Be gracious, and recognize you have a lot to learn. LURK! That means read, and read, and read, and don’t post until you have good reason to think some people on here might actually wish to read your hot take or lulzy meme. If you aren’t contributing in a meaningful way, reconsider your post. If your early attempts don’t get recognition, or get newfag/shill smack-downs, take the note and go back to lurking. Most important, keep up on the notables, read all old crumbs, and post diggs of new research not already discussed on the boards. TThe chit-chat is for anons that have already earned that status via diggs. If that sounds like a lot of work before you get any feels of recognition, welcome to the world where not everyone gets a fucking participation trophy. You’ll be glad you joined up though, because when you finally do have something to add, everyone here knows: earned comfy is best comfy.

Be humble. Be patient. That is the foundation of being an effective patriot. Do you imagine Q started out by skipping those steps? Along the way, lurk with agency, study the boards, the bantz, the culture. Track ID’s when you’re confused who’s just a grumpy anon (we’re salty autists generally short of patience for shallow stupidity) and who’s a shill. If you’re confused what the hell everyone’s talking about, then Google shit before making an ass of yourself asking the people here. Would you walk into a NASA meeting and ask help with your algebra homework? As for the JQ, if you think we’re all anti-semites, research our claims of jewish supremacy in media/gov./finance/entertainment before weighing in. How else do you think we came to our ideas? Do you think Q would choose a collection of idiots who have an ideology of hating people for no reason? If you do, what the hell are you doing here? Remember that /pol/ was here before any of you, and Q came to /pol/, not the other way around.

This is a political research board, a war room, whose occupants likely have a higher-than-average level of intelligence. You have little to teach the anons who work here, but they have much to teach you, if you just LISTEN. You’ll hear straight talk and heavy locker room bantz, because high competition spurs excellence. If that’s too hard-core for you, take it to Reddit. Don’t presume to dull the edge of these warriors; they’ll skewer you before they let you interfere with the fighting force they’ve created. The chans are a boot camp for the mind. Being called faggot is a mark of having submitted to the training. Do you see why Military Q would relate?

There are lots of us here that also care about bringing the general public up to speed, and will step in to help you if you approach things the right way, to save the heavy diggers the hassle, but you have to come in with the right attitude. If you start bossing people around about racism or not having enough love in their hearts, We will all join them in busting your balls. We do it for two reasons: 1) make better anons. 2) get your whiny ass out of the way, because women and children don’t belong in a war zone. If you ARE gender-female, then shut the fuck up about it and be an anon. Recognize that the culture of the boards, and of warriors, is metaphysically male. Be glad you can swim anonymously with them if you choose to, but if you want to preach “let’s all be gentle day-care workers as is the way of women”, then go where the women and children are, and go with our blessing, but understand this is a men’s club because that’s who founded it. Women and SJW’s have claimed every damn corner of the world, but this one is OURS.

“Who is Q?”

“Q Clearance Patriot”, or “Q” has been given the task of bringing everyone up to speed about the wrongdoings and evil that almost took over our world.

They have held the evidence to bring down a world wide ring of blackmail, and Admiral Rogers gave Trump the key.

Combined with Military and Navy Intelligence, Trump has gone full Andrew Jackson and America has been in a state of National Emergency since December 21, 2017 when the “Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption” was signed.

Trump, Q, Sessions, and all the other named and unnamed patriots in the intelligence communities and the boots on the ground have put their lives on the line to restore America to her rightful beauty in the world.

These patriots have watched as the world burned around them waiting for the day their plan will come to be. To set things right.

Welcome to /qresearch/
You’re in for a helluva year, so get comfy~
Because if you shine the light on the truth, the rest will set us free.

The success of this entire operation rests on our backs to take the information that has been gained by the Q posts and the anons that have come up with the undeniable proof (the keystone) and share that with the general population… intel already has all the facts.

Our job in its beautiful simplicity is to communicate it to our friends and families. Q has made this crystal clear.

The code is not complicated, because the target audience is YOU the worker, the family, the wonderful soul that you are.

Your Great Awakening is our Great Awakening. We’re in this together and there’s no stopping our tidal wave of Truth. We’re not doing this to start something, we’re here to ease the chaos that’s about to erupt.

There are over 60,000 federal level sealed indictments on standby.

There have been over 5,000 CEO/President, or otherwise notable resignations that are reshaping the corporate landscape.

More than twice the amount of representatives than Watergate – 53 so far – will not seek re-election this year.

This is what a swamp draining looks like.

Without violating the very laws that are being brought back into full power today, Q drops clues about whats going on in the silent war against the seemingly entrenched evil few who strangled our world through unimaginable means. The FBI has been gutted, the CIA has been shattered, and the DOJ cleansed of those who stood in the way of our Freedom. Who’s next? Lets find out.



Welcome to Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.



The Cabal

According to Travis View, who has studied the QAnon phenomenon and written about it extensively for The Washington Post

‘there is a worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who rule the world, essentially, and they control everything. They control politicians, and they control the media. They control Hollywood, and they cover up their existence, essentially. And they would have continued ruling the world, were it not for the election of President Donald Trump’

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” -Robert A. Heinlein


Anonymous Comments

-Read the top posts on the board tons of bad folks posting here. The trick is learning what is bs and what’s gold. True anons are not sexist, anti semites, don’t typically use words like white or black…. and so on… but lots of paid bad actors post nasty shit here. And they will likely reply to this saying things like I am an anon and I hate the Jews and stupid shit to confuse you.

-lurk for 2 years before you post here

-whatever you do, don’t fill in the name, email. or let anyone know you’re female. And god help you if you use bad grammar.

-Lurk moar, faggot.

-It’s the best newsfeed you’ll ever find on the internet.
Although, sometimes, the Signal-to-Noise ratio is quite awful.

Neon Revolt – Patriot or Paytriot?


Fresh new evidence that NeonRevolt is not one of us

More Q bashing, more Q+ bashing, more race tensions enticing, and even calls for dumping Q and Q+.

Pay attention to what he reposts. Do not just read his posts in isolation. Full picture only emerges when put together. Notice the evolution in his writings over time? Why is it getting worse as we’re getting closer to the endgame? Would a real anon do that? Does any other well-known anon do that?

For months if not more, he’s been trashing Q, Q+, Barr, other patriots, other well-known anons such as PrayingMedic, and, really, anons everywhere. 8kun, twitter, voat, anywhere. We all suck.

Everyone dissenting is a ‘low IQ normie butthurt newfag boomer karen’. Anons on 8kun are ‘low IQ newfags’, ruining it for ‘true oldfags’ like himself, and so are those that keep fighting on twitter, because his highness promulgated it’s lame. His feed is filled with demoralization, slides on UFOs or time travel, and calls for division among classes of anons. And he is the master projector. What is he trying to accomplish? Fuck up our movement from the inside when it counts most?

Am I the only one seeing this?

What do you all think of it? What about you, Q?


Anonymous Comments:

Garden level COINTELPRO clown, a terrified dolt with no future.

Does Q and Q+ use shills to make their points sometimes?

he needs to find a wife, or something….have some kids….get some skin in the game….stop playing computers games, and such
-I hope it’s just that, and not something nefarious

Follow the money.
amazon /Revolution-Q-Neon-Revolt/dp/1949709590/

I don’t know what ‘one of us’ is. Thinking people? People who want to be free? People who want to get along? Rational people? Autists? Certainly not blind faith followers of an anonymous god.

I think it is normal to ask questions and get demoralized when things go pear shaped. He could be anything. Use discernment and remember that even bad info can get you to think about something differently and that can lead to enlightenment.
-There is a difference between rational thinking and pretending to misunderstand Q drops for months on end (not talking about you). So much for his high IQ narrative


>Careful Who (You) Follow.

Can (You) answer these #ObamaGate #DemandAnswers [Q]uestions?

Ask me!
#ObamaGate #DemandAnswers

>>9337092 PB If you dont know START HERE: Hey THIS is for you NOW DO SOMETHING with it!
>>9353803 PB The [MSM] will see once we EXPOSE themt to light.

< Non-descriptive not repeating

Why did the DoJ learn about the FBI’s interest in Flynn’s conversations with the Russian Amb. from a CONVERSATION WITH OBAMA in the Oval Office?
Ask me!
>>9328302 pb < See Image Obamagate 1
>>9328358 pb < See Images Obamagate 3- (1-3)
“President Obama asked if Comey was saying that the NSC should not pass sensitive information related to Russia to Flynn.”
(‘Hey Comey, are you saying we should hide Russia issues from Flynn?’) “potentially” #ObamaKnew Jan 5 2017
#obamagate #DemandAnswers

1b. How did the illegal spying on Flynn originate?
Strange that Obama knew of the FBI’s interest in Flynn’s talk w/ the Russian Amb. before the DoJ knew.
#obamagate #DemandAnswers

>> That the spying was directed by Obama.
>>9353900 pb
It appears that the illegal spying was DIRECTED BY OBAMA.
We don’t have direct evidence, but the indirect evidence is strong.
Occam’s razor.

HOW would Obama have known that the FBI planned to wiretap Flynn’s conversation with the Russian Ambassador for the purpose of either (1) trying to catch Flynn in some purported illegal act or (2) trying to get Flynn fired because Flynn’s position (DNI) and his potential or actual knowledge (of the Obama admin’s illegal acts) was a DANGER to the success of their coup plot to overthrow the government and prevent President Trump from governing.
HOW would Obama have known that, unless he was involving in the planning, origination, or direction of that part of the plot?
And if Obama knew about or directed the BEGINNING of the plot, it’s safe to say that Obama knew EVERYTHING about the plot from start to finish.
It’s an inference, but a very strong inference.
Remember the Page/Strzok texts?

< See image in >>9353946 pb
>>9353946 pb

This could be a great chant for when we are protesting in the street.
repeat until teargassed

Why was Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn unmasked by Obama’s chief of staff, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, and others?
>>9334336 pb Covers Some content below no repost
>>9335035 pb
Did they suspect Flynn of collaborating with an adversary? (NOthat was a red herring, not the real reason)
–Was it a fishing expedition, hoping to find dirt on Trump so they could obstruct his presidency? (POSSIBLY, but that wasn’t the fundamental reason either?)
–Were they trying to create a cause of action for the eventual appointment of a special counsel to continually investigate a President (and his NSI, Flynn) who had done nothing wrong? YES!
Their plan required demolishing the Trump presidency.
It was bad enough that the people actually elected Trump.
They had to either (1) impeach Trump during his 1st term (they tried), or (2) prevent Trump from having a 2nd term.
They had to create a fake narrative that would make Trump look bad.
Although [they] actually collaborated with individuals in Russia and elsewhere (e.g. Hillary selling the uranium and selling classified military secrets and Clinton Foundation receiving a $200M payment from Browder’s Russian company AFTER Hillary arranged for the uranium sale, and Bill Clinton receiving a ridiculously large honorarium for giving a brief speech in Russia), their tactic was to attribute Russian collaboration to Trump. To deflect it from themselves. So that if Trump tried to defend himself with the truth (did not collaborate with Russia to win 2016 election), [they] could say, “Look, Trump is trying to shift the blame”. So the accusations against Trump were 180 degrees opposite of what really happened and this was totally on purpose, contrived, anticipating how the defense against baseless accusations would go in a fake hoaxed-up indictment proceeding.
No doubt they had the indictment in mind when unmasking Flynn. They HAD to create a pretext to surveil Flynn and 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand associations also scooped up in the illicit spying, hopefully scooping up all of Donald Trump’s and his family’s comms as well.
The criminal case against Flynn was also part of the plan. They had to paint Flynn as a bad guy, a traitor, in order to smear Trump.
The court proceeding also perhaps enabled some of the documentation to remain secret for a longer time than otherwise.
Rosenstein and Mueller’s special counsel also managed to drag the thing on longer so that if Trump publicly unearthed proof that the allegations against him were false, and the allegations against [them] were true, [they] could deflect by saying Trump said this solely for political reasons because he was under examination by Mueller’s special counsel.
Ask me!
#obamagate #DemandAnswers

Why was Michael Flynn’s identity leaked—a CRIMINAL ACT—to the press?
>>9328291 pb See image Obamagate 3-0
>>9310582 pb (Answer)
3b. Who leaked his name and those conversations to the press?
Anyone who unmasked after 29-Dec-16 is a suspect.
>>9323072 pb (Follow up Questions)
WHY was Flynn’s ID leaked to the press?
(Considering that leakage is a criminal act and the individual who leaked it likely knew they were breaking the law.)
–WHAT did that individual hope to accomplish?
–Did they leak to a known press ally with the intent that the leaked ID be published?
–Was it to create a harsh public perception of the good General?
–Was it to “launder” the info so it would seem to come from a journalist instead of directly from an Obama WH insider?
–Was it to create a pretext for FBI interviewing Flynn?
We KNOW from other declassified docs that the FBI set up Flynn. They wanted to frame him. They wanted to get him to lie and get him fired.
–So WHY did they want Flynn fired?
–Exactly HOW was Flynn a threat to their plans to usurp power and dump Donald Trump from the presidency by force? (I.e. a COUP)
–What exact info / experience / contacts / plans did Flynn have that was detrimental to the Obama WH and/or detrimental to their plan to obstruct Trump’s presidency?
The MSM is not going to answer these questions. They are too weak and stupid and corrupt. Their only motivation is to keep covering up the truth. We need anons to step up and do REAL JOURNALISM and dig into this puzzle and keep pulling the yarn until the pieces all come together.
#obamagate #DemandAnswers

Why did James Clapper, John Brennan, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice privately ADMIT UNDER OATH that they had no evidence of collusion, WHILE SAYING THE OPPOSITE PUBLICLY?
Ask me!
>>9356583 pb SEE IMAGE
>>9313342 pb
We can do better. Real journalism requires facts, not just assertions.
“When a person is prosecuted, there are separate federal regulations for perjury specifically and lying to the feds generally. Under the United States Code, title 18, section 1001, a person who knowingly or willingly makes a material statement that is false, or fraudulent, to the feds, is guilty of a crime. What comes as a surprise to many is that unlike section 1621, section 1001 does not require that a person be under oath.
The difficulty that comes in prosecuting these crimes is the requirement that the statements be made knowingly or willingly. This allows those being accused of, or investigated for, perjury, to assert a lack of knowledge at the time of the statement that the statement was false. However, this may not be compelling enough to defeat or avoid a prosecution if contradictory evidence exists. Additionally, individuals who lie out of fear, or provide evasive answers, during a federal investigation, frequently find themselves facing the threat of federal prosecution.”
Trying to teach anons how to think.
Are there some lazy minds here?
I’ll cut anons a break. Maybe some anons never saw real journalism.
You grab a thread and start pulling on it. You ask questions and pull on all of them too. You construct the logical connections and write down what you find and what the proof is.
Then you are RIGHT and you can WRITE.
>>9323600 pb

Washington Post Accidentally Reveals Who Leaked Flynn Call: Nine Obama Administration Officials

February 17, 2017
Obama loyalists working in Washington set the wheels in motion to take Flynn down before Obama was even out of office.
The Washington Post may have accidentally spilled the beans on this in a recent article.
“Neither of those assertions is consistent with the fuller account of Flynn’s contacts with Kislyak provided by officials who had access to reports from U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies that routinely monitor the communications of Russian diplomats. Nine current and former officials, who were in senior positions at multiple agencies at the time of the calls, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.”
“At the time of the calls” means these officials were in office during the Obama Administration.
That means it was nine Obama officials who leaked the calls.
>>9324175 pb
Until those phone call transcripts get released, not sure how much interest OG will continue to generate.
DJT’s got everyone running down rabbit holes with the Morning Joe story.
Got to accept it’s an old story and gets stale easily without fresh meat.
If there were 9 sources for the Flynn leak as the Post claims, that would be a statement by them.
Ballsy move that achieved its objective – got Flynn out of WH.
And each could provide cover for the other – safety in numbers.
With Rice’s memo as icing on the cake for Hussein – giving him and them an added layer of insulation.
Bet they thought their names would never be exposed though.
>>9324269 pb
9 sources for the Flynn leak as the Post claims
They wanted to make SURE the leak got out. Getting Flynn’s name published must have been CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to their plan.
>>9324271 pb
Because they had nothing to back up their Russia collusion claims and even unmasking him didnt prove a crime committed.
So they leaked to the press because then that could be used to back up their investigation, as false evidence.
They still never could charge him with a crime pertaining to Russia, or election meddling etc. And as Priestap’s notes said the goal was to get him to lie or trick him because it was THAT important to remove him

>>9334329 pb << SEE IMAGES IN PB
The FBI documents that put Barack Obama in the ‘Obamagate’ narrative
Agents fretted sharing Flynn intel with departing Obama White House would become fodder for ‘partisan axes to grind.’
Just 17 days before President Trump took office in January 2017, then-FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok texted bureau lawyer Lisa Page, his mistress, to express concern about sharing sensitive Russia probe evidence with the departing Obama White House.
Strzok had just engaged in a conversation with his boss, then-FBI Assistant Director William Priestap, about evidence from the investigation of incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, codenamed Crossfire Razor, or “CR” for short.
The evidence in question were so-called “tech cuts” from intercepted conversations between Flynn and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, according to the texts and interviews with officials familiar with the conversations.
Strzok related Priestap’s concerns about the potential the evidence would be politically weaponized if outgoing Director of National Intelligence James Clapper shared the intercept cuts with the White House and President Obama, a well-known Flynn critic.
“He, like us, is concerned with over sharing,” Strzok texted Page on Jan. 3, 2017, relating his conversation with Priestap. “Doesn’t want Clapper giving CR cuts to WH. All political, just shows our hand and potentially makes enemies.”
Page seemed less concerned, knowing that the FBI was set in three days to release its initial assessment of Russian interference in the U.S. election.
“Yeah, but keep in mind we were going to put that in the doc on Friday, with potentially larger distribution than just the DNI,” Page texted back.
Strzok responded, “The question is should we, particularly to the entirety of the lame duck usic [U.S Intelligence Community] with partisan axes to grind.”
That same day Strzok and Page also discussed in text messages a drama involving one of the Presidential Daily Briefings for Obama.
“Did you follow the drama of the PDB last week?” Strzok asked.
“Yup. Don’t know how it ended though,” Page responded.
“They didn’t include any of it, and Bill [Priestap] didn’t want to dissent,” Strzok added.
“Wow, Bill should make sure [Deputy Director] Andy [McCabe] knows about that since he was consulted numerous times about whether to include the reporting,” Page suggested.

Additional QUESTIONS
Is it perjury to lie to a Congressional committee?
Did these individuals give sworn testimony before Congress? When?
Are the transcripts public? Where?
Can we identify where in their sworn statements they denied any evidence of (Trump-Russia) collusion?
Can we identify the public statements asserting that there WAS (Trump-Russia) collusion?
If these statements differ as alleged,
is that perjury?
Is it a criminal offense?
What statute?
What’s the penalty if found guilty?
#obamagate #DemandAnswers

Why did the Obama administration use opposition research— funded by a political organization and filled with foreign dirt—to spy on members of the Trump campaign?
Ask me!
>>9336469 pb
Here’s a little bit of research establishing that opposition research funded by a political organization was indeed used:
The [anti-Trump rag] Washington Post admitted on Oct 25, 2017 that the DNC and Hillary’s presidential campaign helped pay for the opposition research that resulted in the discredited “dodgy dossier” alleging collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. (
According to the Washington Post, the opposition research firm Fusion GPS was retained in April 2016 by Marc Elias (of law firm Perkins Coie), a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Fusion GPS then hired former British spy Christopher Steele to conduct the research (i.e. to assemble false rumors and innuendo into a “dossier” of allegations that Trump and his campaign actively colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 election). (I hate that word “dossier” because the word itself implies a package of credible evidence on a person.)
The FBI used “dossier” – in conjunction with a Yahoo News report – in their fraudulent application for a FISA warrant. A version of the “dossier” was leaked to Yahoo News, which in turn wrote an article; this article was used in an attempt to create credibility for the “dossier” in a process that we could call “intelligence laundering”, i.e. a circuitous route that tries to conceal the actual source of intel.
None of the dossier’s allegations of collusion have been verified. Lawyers for Steele admitted in court filings in April 2017 ( that Steele’s work was not verified and was never meant to be made public.
The Federalist reported that OFA, Obama’s 2016 campaign arm, paid nearly $800,000 to Perkins Coie in 2016 alone, according to FEC records. The first 2016 payments to Perkins Coie, classified only as “Legal Services,” were made April 25-26, 2016, and totaled $98,047. A second batch of payments, also classified as “Legal Services,” were disbursed to the law firm on September 29, 2016, and totaled $700,000. Payments from OFA to Perkins Coie in 2017 totaled $174,725 through August 22, 2017. (
So the next questions we need to get into are
– “filled with foreign dirt” (i.e. what was in the dossier and can we prove that it was false? Perhaps somebody admitted it was false?)
– WHY was the dossier used by the Obama admin?

>Any budding journalists want to step up?
>Almost got this thing nailed…

#obamagate #DemandAnswers
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Candace Owens comments on George Floyd

Initially found on

Summary of Candace Owens comments on George Floyd:
•25% higher chance as a violent white criminal to die at the hands of a police officer than as a black criminal
•2018: 19 white people were killed by police officers and 9 black people
•Percentage of people killed by police annually: Whites 55%, Blacks 27%, Hispanic 19%.
•The relevant category here is what % of the violent community you represent
•2018: Black men (6 % of the US-population) account for 44% of all murders
•2018: White people (60% of US-population) represent 50% of all murders
•Police officers are 18 times more eligible to be killed by a black person than police officers killing a black person
•How about blacks killing blacks, like in Chicago on Memorial day 2020 >> 40 blacks were killed, nobody talks about that. Where’s the outrage on that???
•Doctors kill 250,000 people every year because of “accidents”
•So the Point is in every profession PEOPLE SUCK, because people are NOT-PERFECT ACROSS THE BOARD
•This also means that: Racially motivated police brutality is a MYTH!

George Floyd was not such a “good” human being that he should be clean-cut “MARTYR”
During his arrest George was high on fentanyl and amphetamine.

Georgie prison time:
1999 >> 10 months armed robbery
2002 >> 8 months cocaine offence
2004 >> 10 months cocaine offence
2005 >> 10 months cocaine offence
2007 >> tried to rob pregnant women at her home, George pressed gun to her stomach

In his Porn-movie Georgie was high as a kite too. His porn actor name is “Big Floyd”, take a look for yourself: