Lori Klausutis the 28yr old Psycho Joe Intern found dead under his desk

Klausutis’ body was “found July 20 around 8 a.m. by a couple who arrived at the office in Fort Walton Beach for an appointment. She was found slumped over next to a desk on the floor of Scarborough’s office. A second employee who was normally at the office was away on vacation, and it was determined that she was dead for some time.”[5]

Lori listed under Bush Body Count

A Death in the Congressman’s Office
Does Anybody in the Press Care About Lori Klausutis?

September 29, 1999: the CIA formed In-Q-Tel, Gilman Louie its first CEO:
“The origins of the concept that has become In-Q-Tel are traceable to Dr. Ruth David, a former CIA Deputy Director for Science and Technology [she was appointed by President Obama as a member of the National Science Board and National Science Foundation in 2012]. She and her Deputy, Joan Isham, were the first senior Agency officials to understand that the information revolution required the CIAto forge new partnerships with the private sector and design a proposal for radical change.The timing of the proposal was fortuitous. The Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), George Tenet, had just launched his Strategic Direction initiative that included technology as one of its areas for review. The study made a direct link between the Agency’s future technology investments and improving its information gathering and analysis capabilities.”

Thus, the CIA owned a private American company within the U.S, clearly a violation of the law. Corporations stepped up to grab a slice of the profits, among whom were Telecredit, Inc.;Lockheed Martin Corp.and its Missile and Space Systems Com; Xerox Corp.; Columbia Univ.; Goldman Sachs; Lucent Technologies; AT&T; Stanford U.

>Joe’s Scarbo’s daddy worked for Lockheed.

Scarborough and his first wife were running coed miss America pageants in Florida his dad George Scarborough stated the pageants ages 1-18 yr old girls

This one says she was dead a long time before body found. Says died afternoon or evening before body was found at 8 next morning.

Published: Sunday July, 22, 2001
Klausutis’ death not suspicious
The medical examiner said he is waiting to rule on the death until blood test results are finished.

By AMBER BOLLMAN | Daily News Staff Writer
The medical examiner investigating the death of Lori Klausutis said Saturday there is absolutely no evidence that the 28-year-old employee of U.S. Rep. Joe Scarborough was a victim of “foul play.”

Associate Medical Exam-iner Dr. Michael Berkland will announce how Klausutis died on Wednesday. He is waiting for blood test results and is continuing his investigation into her medical history.

“It would be foolish for me to release the cause of death without the toxicology results in my hand because that one little piece of the puzzle can make all the difference in the investigation,” said Berkland, who completed an autopsy on Klausutis’ body Saturday.

“But there is still no suspicion of foul play.”

Klausutis, of Niceville, was found dead on the floor of Scarborough’s Fort Walton Beach branch office at about 8 a.m. Friday when a couple arrived at the office for an appointment. Berkland said it is likely that Klausutis died sometime Thursday afternoon or evening.

“She had been dead for quite awhile before she was found,” Berkland said Saturday.

“Based on the physical evidence, I feel comfortable moving the time of her death back to the previous day.”

Klausutis’ death was likely accidental or the result of natural causes. Berkland said it is unlikely that her death was a suicide, but will not rule that out until the blood tests are returned.

“There is no evidence at all that this was an intentional act, but we can’t rule it out just yet,” Berkland said.

Toxicology reports, performed at a laboratory in Gainesville, will reveal the presence of any drugs or other unnatural substances in Klausutis’ body, Berkland said.

“I’ve been cautioning people against saying she died of natural causes because there could have been something present in her system that we can’t find until we get those results,” he added.

Berkland said Klausutis had been involved in a serious car accident as a teenager and still suffered from some lingering medical problems, but it is unknown whether those conditions played a role in her death. Many of her medical records are from another state and Berkland is waiting to review those as well before making an announcement.

Fort Walton Beach Police Chief Steve Hogue said he is also awaiting toxicology and medical examiner’s reports, though the department’s preliminary investigation revealed nothing suspicious inside Scarborough’s office. Officers found no signs of a struggle, break-in or robbery, Hogue said.


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