Neon Revolt – Patriot or Paytriot?


Fresh new evidence that NeonRevolt is not one of us

More Q bashing, more Q+ bashing, more race tensions enticing, and even calls for dumping Q and Q+.

Pay attention to what he reposts. Do not just read his posts in isolation. Full picture only emerges when put together. Notice the evolution in his writings over time? Why is it getting worse as we’re getting closer to the endgame? Would a real anon do that? Does any other well-known anon do that?

For months if not more, he’s been trashing Q, Q+, Barr, other patriots, other well-known anons such as PrayingMedic, and, really, anons everywhere. 8kun, twitter, voat, anywhere. We all suck.

Everyone dissenting is a ‘low IQ normie butthurt newfag boomer karen’. Anons on 8kun are ‘low IQ newfags’, ruining it for ‘true oldfags’ like himself, and so are those that keep fighting on twitter, because his highness promulgated it’s lame. His feed is filled with demoralization, slides on UFOs or time travel, and calls for division among classes of anons. And he is the master projector. What is he trying to accomplish? Fuck up our movement from the inside when it counts most?

Am I the only one seeing this?

What do you all think of it? What about you, Q?


Anonymous Comments:

Garden level COINTELPRO clown, a terrified dolt with no future.

Does Q and Q+ use shills to make their points sometimes?

he needs to find a wife, or something….have some kids….get some skin in the game….stop playing computers games, and such
-I hope it’s just that, and not something nefarious

Follow the money.
amazon /Revolution-Q-Neon-Revolt/dp/1949709590/

I don’t know what ‘one of us’ is. Thinking people? People who want to be free? People who want to get along? Rational people? Autists? Certainly not blind faith followers of an anonymous god.

I think it is normal to ask questions and get demoralized when things go pear shaped. He could be anything. Use discernment and remember that even bad info can get you to think about something differently and that can lead to enlightenment.
-There is a difference between rational thinking and pretending to misunderstand Q drops for months on end (not talking about you). So much for his high IQ narrative


>Careful Who (You) Follow.

Illegal Surveillance on our POTUS?

Potentially illegal surveillance on Q Team/Potus

1-My past digs based on timelimes show the hack was discovered shortly before [ 93 dk], this was a hack of DISA–NSA/CSS? Infrastructure handling secured DOD comms for WH and Potus (and Q?)

2-Q went dark after and I believe this was a [Trap] of sorts related to illegally predicated surveillance, perhaps same Op related to JS, SC surveil. I believe Coats was involved and House (Nancy/Shifty/Nadler) provided cover.

3-Moar digs required but my premise is they were after Potus comms, and Q, Coats and intel agencies had a SAP, or hidden Op under leaker, Potus prior gave declass judgement to Barr. They set [Trap] or at least found hack, back traced, located SAP (Op), Barr declassed intel which predicated it, found it to be illegal (fake intel to predicate) and Coats was complicit and leaks appeared he was resigning. Coats resigned when Q came back I think and Kun started up.

4-I think this is HUGE because it follows the illegal Op pattern and occured later in the game, involved Coats and journalists, and MILITARY Secure Comms. AN attack on Potus and his MIL defenders by civilian Intel.

5-This was vital to getting Coats out, journos free, Comms secure and the next phase of justice started, by Exposing a grossly abusive action in the Coup against Potus.

Department of Defense’s DISA Confessed Data Breach

Department of Defense’s DISA Confessed Data Breach

U.S. agency that handles Trump’s secure communication suffered data breach

Data breach hits agency overseeing White House communications


Computer systems controlled by DISA were hacked in the summer of 2019, and was reported in February 2020, exposing the personal data of about 200,000 people including names and social security numbers

“Former White House officials said
Ciaramella worked on Ukrainian policy issues for Biden in 2015 and 2016,
when the vice president was President Obama’s “point man” for Ukraine.
A Yale graduate, Ciaramella is said to speak Russian and Ukrainian,
as well as Arabic. He had been assigned to the NSC by Brennan {also speaks Arabic}.

SPEAKS RUSSIAN {perhaps Ukrainian}:
Nellie Ohr
Marie Yovanovitch
Eric Ciaramella

“Is Russian a common language to learn?”
“The FARM {C_A} requires select skill-sets.”

>vice president was President Obama’s “point man” for Ukraine.

Rep. Louis Gohmert: Ciaramella was
“supposed to be a point person on Ukraine,
during the time when Ukraine was its most corrupt,
and he didn’t blow any whistles on their corruption.”
QPost# 2230
“Panic in DC re: Baker confirmed?
Note IG involved.
Huber >> IG (Horowitz) >> Storch
“Senate-confirmed Inspector General at the National Security Agency.”
-“Robert is the vehicle/bridge for sharing cross-department info within the IG community.”–
New Player on the Chess Board:Robert Storch(NSA Inspector General)
“… serving as the Deputy Criminal Chief and Counsel to the U.S. Attorney.
“He was also posted overseas for two years as a
Department of Justice Resident Legal Advisor in Ukraine.”
DOJ Resident Legal Advisor in Ukraine from 2007 to 2009
President of Ukraine {during time 2007 – 2009 when STORCH was in Ukraine}

Prime Minister:
– Preceded by Viktor Yanukovych {EXILED in RUSSIA}